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Merazzo decorative flooring and paving, exclusive to Bell Asphalt, has all the durability and distinctive good looks of a traditional terrazzo floor, at a highly affordable price. Slip resistant, seamless and available in a wide range of colours and finishes, Merazzo is one of the most versatile floors currently available on the market.

Merazzo flooring - infinite possibilities

Merazzo consists of an traditionalĀ  mastic asphalt baseĀ  with a modern finish, which can be specified in one of five distinctive colours, black, red, grey, beige or brown. The Merazzo effect is completed by a choice of stone chippings, also available in a wide range of different colours, which are mixed with the asphalt prior to the installation.

The Merazzo floor or paving is then installed and finished to the correct specification - either highly polished, matt, smooth or simply rough. It means that a Merazzo floor has infinite possibilities to meet any design situation.

Merazzo - A new kind of mastic asphalt flooring

Merazzo is a decorative floor which means it can be easily used in shopping malls, schools or hospitals offering years of trouble free service. Because it is seamless it is easy to maintain and keep clean and in the event of being damaged is easily repaired at minimum cost.

Its high strength and durability means that Merazzo is equally suitable for outdoor roads, car parks and pavements.