Bell Asphalt - leading the way in waterproofing

Introducing Bell Asphalt, one of the country’s leading specialist waterproofing contracting organisations. We have been established for more than 40 years so few can match our level of expertise and success. We also offset all of our carbon emissions to help protect the environment and reduce climate change – green credentials matched by the highest levels of craft skills and waterproofing experience.

Bell Asphalt – Innovators in specialist flooring

Merazzo is a seamless flooring and paving product, which as the name suggests, has the look and texture of a terrazzo floor for a highly cost effective, value for money price. Affordable Merazzo Flooring and paving, which combines the durability of mastic asphalt with a choice of different coloured stone to give an attractive and highly decorative finish, is available exclusively from Bell Asphalt.